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Are gutters a good idea?

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Are gutters a good idea?

Do I need gutters around my entire house?

After the spring rains, you may have gutters installed around your home, but you have questions. Like which is better, seamless gutters vs traditional and should you go with seamless gutter with leaf guard upgrade? As you shop the different gutters, it is amazing how seamless gutters are made and decide that seamless gutters are the way to go.

Not necessarily. Gutters are beneficial where the roof slopes, so unless your roof slopes all the way around in every direction, gutters all the way around would be overkill. Where traditional or seamless gutters are the most useful is at the bottom of any slope to work with the roof structure.

Unless your roof slopes in all directions, you probably don’t need your house surrounded with gutters. You need them at the bottom of any slope, though to work in conjunction with the gutters. Your roof is already constructed to direct water down the slopes, where the gutters will then do their work.


A house that is sitting on concrete that extends out from the house all the way around, or if there is little to no rainfall, gutters aren’t necessary. If your house has an extended overhang of the roof or downward sloping landscaping, you might get away with gutters. The contractor you work with will make recommendations about the traditional or seamless gutter system after surveying your home.

Are Seamless Gutters better?

You may not notice the gutters on your home until you’re walking out the door and the rain isn’t immediately hitting you on the head, most people don’t… unless they break.  If you don’t have gutters on your home and you’re considering adding them, there are several decisions to consider before making that purchase. There are two types of gutter systems, and we will chat about the positives and negatives of both: Sectional Gutter System or Seamless Gutter System.

Sectional Gutter System

This is the most common style of the gutter system. It is popular among the DIY homeowner because they can do it using only basic household tools, unlike seamless gutter systems. As they are named, sectional gutter systems come sections and are fitted together, creating a large section. They are available in aluminum, steel, or vinyl. The aluminum or vinyl is often the first choice because they can be painted and do not rust.

On the negative side, there is the potential for failure points and leaking. DIY or professional installation, it is at the points of connection that can be the weak spot. They easily break at those points when the gutters become clogged.

Seamless Gutter System

We also refer to this gutter system as continuous, sheet metal, or soldered gutters. The most common name is the seamless gutter system. The biggest positive feature about them: They do not have seams and no weak spots. They are manufactured from aluminum in one coil. The coil has been coated and treated to eliminate erosion or rot. Because this type of gutter system must be installed with special equipment, it isn’t a common DIY.

Pricewise, the seamless gutter system costs approximately the same as a sectional gutter system of high quality and fitted. Seamless gutters will give your home a better ROI, there is less risk of internal dampness creating mold and rotting them and the seamless gutter brackets are strong and have a heavy strength rib embossed down its center.

Which Gutter System Is Best?

When it comes to deciding to go with a sectional or seamless gutter system, it is a personal one. The budget is the main factor and the style of the house. In some neighborhoods, it can be a POA factor. The seamless gutter system has proved to be the better choice when it comes to ROI factors.

Are wider gutters better?

A large seamless gutter system can hand twice the amount of water but will require oversized downspouts.  Wider seamless gutter systems are ideal for a larger roof or a steep-pitched roof where water runs down faster. Three benefits to the wider seamless gutter system are:

  • Better Water Damage Protection
  • Works with Complicated Roofing System
  • Enhances the Beauty of Home

Do gutters increase home value?

Of all the improvements you can do for your home that will give you the biggest ROI. A seamless gutter system will also increase the functionality, lifespan, and the cosmetic appeal of your home.


Because of the initial cost of installing a seamless gutter system, “are gutters worth it?” is often the first question most homeowners ask themselves. Our answer to that question is yes! The seamless gutter system will provide your home with a layer of protection against potential damage. That potential damage like flooded basements, water-damaged foundation, and more that will cost much more than the one-time price of seamless gutter system installation. Call 502-228-7717 today for your gutter installation in Goshen and Louisville, KY.

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