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What Type of Roof Shingles Are Best?

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What Type of Roof Shingles Are Best?

What Type of Roof Shingles Are Best?

Shingle roofing is an admirable roofing style. But which roof shingles are the best? Prominent among the roofing materials on the market are asphalt roofing shingles. These shingles are relatively light and are very affordable and easy to install. Asphalt shingles come in sheets that are layered on a roof to give the illusion of appearing like cedar or slate shingles. Cedar shingles are made out of cedarwood and are a very high-end roofing material. Similarly, slate shingles are quite expensive and boast extreme beauty and durability. It’s important to consider which shingle will work best in your location, and with the budget you foresee for the home.

What is a Roof Shingle Made of?

Are you looking for more information pertaining to what a roof shingle is made of? In truth, there are many different kinds of roofing shingles on the market. What the homeowner ultimately selects will be up to their purview. Please review the following list to discover more.

Rooftop in a newly constructed subdivision in Kelowna British Columbia Canada showing asphalt shingles and multiple roof lines
  • Wood
  • Slate
  • Flagstone
  • Metal
  • Plastic
  • Asphalt

In order to find out which shingles will be best for your roof, it is important for you to consult with a professional roofing company. A project manager will be able to discuss your roofing options based on your budget and your roofing needs.

Is it OK to Walk on a Shingle Roof?

Are you wondering whether or not it is okay for you to walk on your shingle roof? The truth is actually quite simple. Due to the fact that both architectural and asphalt shingles have small granules that assist with drainage for the roof, it is important to keep those granule intact. When individuals, including roofers, walk on the roof, those granules are in peril. It is important for you to minimize all movements that are made on the roof. While it may be alright to walk on the roof in certain circumstances, it is always best to exercise caution.

Can You Sit on the Roof of a House?

As previously alluded to, it is important for all individuals to minimize their movements on the roof. That extends to sitting on the roof as well. Not only is it dangerous to sit on a roof due to the downward slope of the roof, but it’s also not good for the integrity of the roofing material.

How Can I Get on My Roof Safely?

If you need to get on your roof, it will be important for you to do it safely. The first thing to consider is whether or not it is responsible for you to get on the roof at all. A qualified roofing contractor will have the proper materials and be able to exercise the proper safety precautions. Among these materials are a firm, strong ladder, and safety equipment. A professional roofing contractor will also pick a clear, calm, and cool part of the day to ascend the roof.

What Shingle Roof

The composition of a shingle roof consists of individual overlapping elements. These roofing elements lay flat. Roofing shingles are typically shaped in rectangles that are laid in courses from the bottom edge of the roof up. Each course of shingles will overlap the joints below.

What is Shake Shingle Roof

Are you wondering what a shake shingle roof is? Shake is a basic wooden shingle that is actually made from split logs. Shakes have long been part of roofing history. Shake can also be used for siding. High-grade shakes are used for roofing purposes, and lower grade wooden shakes can be used for siding purposes.

What is an Architectural Shingle Roof

An architectural shingle roof is also known as a laminated or dimensional shingle roof. These roofing shingles are among the highest-quality roofing products that are produced in today’s market. Usually, these shingles are made of heavy fiberglass and have ceramic-coated mineral granules that are tightly embedded in carefully refined asphalt. Architectural shingles are different from asphalt shingles both in terms of cost and in terms of material composition. Three-tab asphalt shingles have one shingle tab size which is layered. Architectural shingles come in varying sizes and shapes, making them a premium product.

Is Shingle Roof Better Than Tile

Tile roofs have a startling array of advantages. Tile roofing is classically beautiful and is a landmark of architectural genius. They are also quite expensive. Asphalt shingles are very affordable and while they are not as durable as tile roofs, they have become very beloved nonetheless. Tile roofs have great longevity and durability, which is why they continue to saturate the roofing market.

Close up of new rubber roof tiles with blue skybackground.
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